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2016 Montana State Youth Tournament
April 2 - 17, 2016
Westside Lanes

This season's youth state tournament has concluded, and did so with a monumental performance! CONGRATULATIONS CAYLOR COX for rolling a 300-228-236 series during singles for his 1st career 300 game, not to mention no open frames during his series! Thanks a ton to everyone that made the drive to Missoula.

The Montana State USBC would like to thank every family for supporting their youth in the sport of bowling. As Missoula's association manager, I can attest to bowling being a family sport with twelve of our youth bowlers this season being children of previous Missoula youth bowlers. We hope everyone has a chance to make a new Montana friend during the tournament. Again, our hats off to you for your support.

Age as of August 1, 2015
Results unofficial while all score calculations are verified over the next few days.

9 & Above 8 & Under Lane Printouts
Team Team Sat Apr 2, 10am
Doubles Doubles Sat Apr 2, 1:30pm
Singles Singles Sat Apr 2, 5pm
All Events All Events Sun Apr 3, 8:30am
Scratch Dbl/Sgl Sun Apr 3, 12pm
Sun Apr 3, 3:30pm -- Cancelled
Sat Apr 9, 10am
Sat Apr 9, 1:30pm
Sat Apr 9, 5pm
Sun Apr 10, 8:30am
Sun Apr 10, 12pm
Sun Apr 10, 3:30pm
Sat Apr 16, 10am
Sat Apr 16, 1:30pm
Sat Apr 16, 5pm
Sun Apr 17, 8:30am
Sun Apr 17, 12pm
Sun Apr 17, 3:30pm

Junior City 2016

Our Junior City Tournament was held Jan 30-31 at Westside Lanes. MANY THANKS to the families supporting their youth bowlers through league membership. The family atmosphere of what bowling represents was on full display throughout the tournament.

Results are considered final, the recap sheets have been checked against lane printouts. I'm going to assume calculations are correct for all-events as listed, but I'll confirm the top three results in each division manually before submitting the scholarships. I will get a letter outlining access to the scholarship to each recipient soon.

Age as of August 1, 2015

9 & Above 8 & Under Lane Printouts
Team Team Saturday, 10am
Doubles Doubles Saturday, 12:30pm
Singles Singles Saturday, 3:30pm
All-Events All-Events Sunday, 10:00am
Sunday, 12:30pm

Association Week 2016

TOURNAMENT HAS COMPLETED!! Many thanks to everyone that joined our annual association get-together. I overheard many bowlers making new acquaintances with the bowlers they were paired-up with on their shift.

For everyone that won a pie, Patty & Ken will be delivering them this week during your league, we'll be there around 6:30 with plates & utensils. Through association week proceeds, it looks as though pies may become a standard.

Final pie breakdown:

Apple: 6
Cherry: 2
Cherry Cheese: 2
Choc Cream: 2
5-Fruit: 2
Blueberry: 1
French Silk: 5
Choc Banana Cream: 1
Banana Cream: 1
Lemon Meringue: 2

Results are FINAL. Payouts are 1 for every 5 entries in every event, checks will be available Feb. 21, 4pm, Westside Lanes during the Annual Association meeting. Checks not picked-up at the meeting will be available at the front desk during your next league.


City Women Seniors Lane Printouts
Team Team Team Monday
Doubles Doubles Doubles Tuesday
Singles Singles Singles Wednesday
All Events All Events All Events Thursday
Payouts Payouts Payouts Friday
Saturday 1pm
Saturday 3:30pm
Sunday 10am
Sunday 12:30pm
Sunday 3:30pm

2015-16 Bowler Congratulations
NOTE: Based on all awards turned in from leagues thru Mar 30, 2016.

Women's Top-5 High Series Men's Top-5 High Series Triplicate 300 Game
788 Dawn Hanninen
Westside Tuesday Mixed
807 Ted Hess
Westside Men's Fun League
Jason Stokes 180 (168 avg)
5VC Tuesday Commercial
Randy Beaudry Sep 15
5VC Tuesday Commercial
735 Mary Porter
5VC Thursday Mixed
805 Julian Dullinger
Westside Friday Nite Live
Kathy Minster 137 (138 avg)
5VC Hellgate Belles
Ted Hess Oct 22
Westside Men's Fun League

802 Andy Kost
5VC Tuesday Commercial
Joey Wingo 166 (169 avg)
5VC Tuesday Commercial
Jeremy Jackson Oct 27
Westside MGD

Mike Brockway Nov 4
5VC Wednesday Construction

James Kelly Nov 11
5VC Wednesday Construction

Jacob Mandell Nov 13
Westside Friday Nite Live

Mike Martin Nov 17
Westside Tuesday Mixed

Barry Hodges Jan 3
Westside Thrown Together

Cliff Walker Jan 11
Westside Monday Senior Fun

Jake Smith Jan 14
5VC Garden City

Julian Dullinger Jan 26
Westside MGD League

Jeremy Covert Jan 28
Westside Men's Fun League

Scott Kane Jan 31
Westside Thrown Together

Dawn Hanninen Feb 2
Westside Tuesday Mixed

William Mesteth Feb 8
Westside Winter Swiss Trio

Matt Boynton Mar 1
Westside MGD

Jeremy Jackson Mar 1
Westside MGD

Jeff Moore Mar 25
Westside Friday Nite Live

Pay Your Dues Online!!!

You can now pay your $20 membership online at bowl.com. Click here to access the registration page. You will be asked what association you're joining, it will be Missoula USBC #81154. This works VERY good, I registered myself and complete documentation is sent to me with the local $9 deposited directly into the association's account. If you elect to pay your membership online, just put "ONLINE" on your league registration cards as the league where you paid.

The state tournament rotation beginning with 2016 will be:

Year Open Women Youth
2016 Helena Great Falls Missoula
2017 Billings Anaconda Butte
2018 Great Falls Helena Billings

Upcoming Tournaments

Westside Lanes
Missoula USBC Association Week
January 23-29, 2017

Five Valley Center
Closing May 1, 2016

Next Board Meeting
Sometime in July
Westside Lanes

Next Association Meeting
Sunday, February 26, 2017 4pm
Westside Lanes

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